Abstract Acrylic Paint Drop Canvas 18x24

Brian made this picture by throwing paints at the canvas. While making this painting Brian described feeling "joyful, and ecstatic." He said it reminds him of childhood, and the process of launching the paint from bottles reminds him of paintball.

About the Artist: Brian Krutzler has autism and studies art, music and vocational skills at Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley, MA. New to photography, Brian has an eye for using close-up angles and has captured so many beautiful images. Brian also loves to paint, and says, “When I’m making art, I feel happy and proud and joyful.” Brian is active in the BHMA social community, he loves sports and participates in Special Olympics. Brian’s dreams for his future include working in the community, playing music and staying active and healthy.


List By Organization: Berkshire Hills Music Academy
Listing created Nov 13, 2019